About Us

Nature-Tradition-Quality-Freshness-Customer is King

AS Estplant was founded in 2001 and has delivered Christmas trees since 2006.
We are today by far the biggest producer of Christmas trees in the Baltic countries with customers in 12 European countries. In 2013 we produce nearly 200.000 trees, and our plan is to increase our production up to 500 000 trees per year.

However, volume is not a goal in itself for AS Estplant – we want to prove that our production, sales and logistics team can provide for you:

• Top quality delivered in time anywhere in Europe

• Wide range of sizes and species

• Trees grown in a harsh and cold climate which ensures freshness, also for longer transport distances

• Top modern production which takes natural and social responsibility seriously

• And at the same time ensures a product at the right price

AS Estplant is growing trees on 800 hectares of high fertile ground in south Estonia. We grow species which can adapt to the harsh climate of Estonia, and to maximize the quality of the trees we only use seeds from selected seeds sources from Europe and North America.

Our production utilizes the most modern machine park, which ensures a rational and efficient production at the lowest possible cost. The last 7 years of deliveries have shown that AS Estplant trees have benefited from the harsh climate which is reflected in a natural none insects-fungus pressure and ensures freshness due to the early arrival of frosty nights in September and October.

AS Estplant will ensure that you feel


To take care and control this chain from seed to the retail site anywhere in Europe, we proudly present our professional staff and the 3 owners (from Denmark) behind AS Estplant. Click here to meet all of our team!


We supply both wholesalers, larger retail chains, garden centers and the retailer taking 200 trees.
No customer is too large or too small.
We supply in several different units, e.g. CT-pallets, CC-containers or pallet boxes.